• Wardah Khan

5 Great Life Lessons Squid Game Teaches Us

If you ever wondered what it would be like if life was only a series of games then Netflix has answered your question. Squid Game is the thrilling Netflix global hit that portrays how greed and desperation make normal people commit the most heinous acts. The K-Drama isn’t only a gripping story, it also teaches people a few life lessons that will help them make better decisions in the future.

Squid Game - Netflix
Squid Game - Image: Netflix

1. Blind Trust Is Dangerous

One of the most heartbreaking moments of the series is when Abdul Ali got betrayed by Cho Sang Woo. He admired Cho so much that he even called him Hyung (older brother). He made the mistake of trusting someone who was competing against him. In real life, you should also never let anyone take advantage of your hard work. If a friend repeatedly copies your assignment or expects you to pay the bill every time you go out, then you need to open your eyes.

2. Creative Solutions Are Winning Strategies

As seen in this season Gi Hun didn’t stand a chance when he was given the most difficult shape to carve. But he thought outside of the box and did something so unique it helped him succeed. Always keep in mind that a brilliant idea was once a crazy idea. Read the origin story of every big startup and you’ll realize the true power of being creative.

3. Money Doesn’t Guarantee Happiness

One key premise of the show is the notion that poor people and rich people each have their own troubles. While the poor people in Squid Game all have financial struggles and moral dilemmas to face, the rich VIPs have no such worries. But they also have no moral compass and seek pleasure through excess and cruelty. They crave excitement and are ready to do anything for their rush just as a poor person will do anything for money. It illustrates how money is just a part of life and it shouldn’t be the end goal. A life with meaningful relationships and personal fulfillment should be everyone's aspiration.

4. Always Spend Wisely

Money in real life is what marbles are in the game. A lot of the participants in the Squid Game join it because they are under severe debt. If you’ll waste your money on things you don’t need or gamble it in hopes of becoming rich quickly then sooner or later, you’ll get yourself in a sticky situation. The show depicts the reality of how easy it is to take advantage of people, especially those who are in severe financial crisis.

5. Never Lose Hope

The last lesson on our list isn’t what you learn while watching Squid Game, it is what you learn from the show's incredible success story. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of the show wrote the series in 2009. Every studio he approached rejected him saying that nobody would watch such a weird and grotesque story. At one point he even had to stop writing as he had to sell his laptop. Two years back Netflix got the script and today it is their biggest show ever, watched by over 142 million people and was number one in more than 94 countries! This story is enough to tell you that one should never lose hope, and if you keep working hard on what you believe in, it's possible to achieve success beyond even your wildest expectations.