• Wardah Khan

7 Craziest 'You' Season 4 Theories That Need To Come True

Spoiler Alert! - Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers for 'You' Season 3

Just like its predecessors, the 3rd season of YOU has left fans with an insatiable feeling. The protagonist Joe once again became obsessed with a new girl and this time he even had to get rid of Love who was exactly like him. Now that the writers have successfully wrapped Joe and Love's story, fans really want to see who will be his next target. After watching the shocking season finale, fans have already come up with their wild theories for the next season.

YOU - Image: Netflix

1. Marienne Will Expose Joe

Until now in every season Joe has managed to escape unscathed. The viewers are ‘predicting that in the forthcoming season Joe won’t be so lucky. Marienne could be the one who exposes Joe. She could have run away to Paris where Joe stalks him. If she sees him after reading about him and Love then there is no way she wouldn’t piece it altogether.

2. Joe Will Find A “New Interest”

While it is heavily speculated that Joe will find Marienne, some consider it to be a little far-fetched. The only consistent thing about Joe is that after a while he needs someone new to obsess over. If the Marienne plotline is truly done then this theory has a high chance of actually being true.

3. Stalker Ex For Joe

There’s only one way to completely flip the story again in the fourth season, make Joe the victim. Joe has murdered enough people in the three seasons that it almost feels impossible for nobody to keep an eye on him. In the next season, fans are hoping to see the parallel universe where Joe gets hunted down by someone.

4. Beck Is Back

Since the finale of the first season fans are hoping to see Beck come back to life. Beck coming back and exposing Joe would make for a full-circle finale. Unlike others, she was the ultimate sweetheart who just misjudged him.

5. Joe Goes To Florida

At this point, the show is hardly sticking to the novel but still, they could take something from it. Just like the ending of the book, Joe could go to Florida. If there's one thing the internet's favorite stalker loves more than being obsessed with someone it’s starting fresh. He could go there in hopes of finding “the one” but would end up just killing the poor girl.

6. Joe’s Brother Will Appear

From the flashbacks, we have seen Joe has a brother but until now he has been absent from his life. In the next season, he could appear and may uncover some more mysteries from the past. Another theory about him is he is happily married to his wife and together they have loving children, which makes Joe want to take his place.

7. Watch Out Emily

If Joe goes to Paris he could claim one other victim instead of Marienne and that’s the perkiest of them all, Emily. Netflix fans are rooting for an old-school Disney-style crossover where Joe would find Emily to be his next murder muse. Maybe Emily will be that girl who'd change him forever, she certainly has the potential for that.

What do you think about these fan theories? Have any of your own? Be sure to let us know in the comments!