• Logan Lee

Netflix Top 10 in the U.S. - Sunday, October 24th

Top 10 most popular Netflix movies, TV shows, series, specials, and more today in the U.S. - Sunday, October 24th

The most-watched on Netflix today are still led by 'You', 'Squid Game', and 'Maid', while a pair of animated shows, 'inside job' and 'Maya and the Three' debut in today's Top 10!

Maya and the Three - Netflix
Maya and the Three - Image: Netflix
  1. You * New Season

  2. Squid Game

  3. Maid

  4. Locke & Key *New Season

  5. inside job *New to Top 10

  6. Maya and the Three *New to Top 10

  7. Night Teeth

  8. CoComelon *New Season

  9. Riverdale *New Season

  10. Shameless *New Season