• Logan Lee

Netflix Top 10 Movies - Monday, October 18th

Top 10 most popular Netflix movies today in the U.S. - Monday, October 18th

The new movie 'The Forgotten Battle' stays in the #1 spot, while an entry from the 'Scary Movie' franchise appears in the top 10, no doubt signaling the start of Halloween viewing season, plus Netflix original film 'The Trip' debuts in the 10 spot.

The Trip - Netflix
The Trip - Image: Netflix

  1. The Forgotten Battle

  2. Going In Style

  3. Sharkdog's Fintastic Halloween

  4. My Little Pony

  5. Legacy of Lies

  6. Titanic

  7. Scary Movie 4 *New to Top 10

  8. Something Borrowed

  9. The Guilty

  10. The Trip *New to Top 10