• Wardah Khan

Netflix Top 7 Horror Movies To Watch On Halloween

Streaming and screaming go hand in hand this weekend! Here are our picks for
the best spooky flicks this All Hallow's Eve.

If you don’t have a horror movie marathon in the last week of October then you aren’t doing Halloween right. Hollywood's very best horror movies are released this time of the year in hopes of becoming the next cult classic like Beetlejuice, IT, or Saw.

While some folks like to stick to the same classics they've been watching for years, others need some new recommendations...or should we say fresh blood. Here's our list of new horror flicks that you need to watch ASAP.

Things Heard & Seen - Image: Netflix

1. Things Heard & Seen (2021)

Spooky 80s vibe, spiritual connection, and a haunted house; the movie has all the elements needed for a perfect horror flick. After moving to a new house Catherine Claire (Amanda Seyfried) starts noticing some paranormal activities. If you like horror movies with a well-explained moral lesson in the end then stream Things Heard & Seen.

2. #Alive (2020)

If you want to see the movie equivalent of 2020 then you should watch #Alive. In this South-Korean thriller, the world has been struck with a strange virus that makes people act like zombies. A video game streamer is stuck inside his apartment and the pandemic going on outside is just getting out of control. Unlike other horror movies, this one will be highly relatable to everyone who experienced long-extended lockdowns.

3. Hell Fest (2018)

Most horror movies take place in an abandoned house, dingey motel, or a dark forest. But the prime location of this slasher flick is a Halloween Festival. For a fun night out three girls and their boyfriends go to the festival. Soon they discover this isn't an ordinary event, especially when they start getting chased by a serial killer. This film is ideal for those who don't want to see another haunted house story.

4. The Babysitter And The Babysitter 2 (2017 and 2020)

People often like to say they watch slasher movies but more often than not it’s a blend of horror and adventure. For these viewers, Netflix's The Babysitter and its sequel are the perfect watch. The plot revolves around a babysitter who is part of a satanic cult and how things spiral out of control when the kid finds out.

5. Unfriended (2014)

Horror movies don't always need ghosts to be scary. Unfriended proves what many of us already know: the internet is a very scary place! Blumhouse took the classic theme of a group of high school friends hiding a secret and made it extremely relevant by linking it all on a computer screen. If the thought of the internet's dark side makes you uneasy, then this scary stream will only add more to that feeling.

6. The Conjuring (2013)

You absolutely cannot call yourself a horror/slasher fan if you haven't watched this elite movie. It was the film that started all those "dare to watch it alone" competitions. The Conjuring has so many sequels and spin-offs that your entire scary movies weekend can be spent just watching all of those options! Keep in mind, this movie is based on true events and is only advised for hardcore horror fans.

7. Night Teeth (2021)

The last on our list is the newest, as Night Teeth was just released by Netflix last week and spent several days atop the Top 10 most-watched movies list. This horror flick has a cool big city vibe as our hero, Benny, cruises the streets of Los Angeles as a driver tasked with escorting two beautiful girls to all the hottest parties in one night. Along the way, he learns of a secret society with money, power, and shall we say...plenty of blood on their hands.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and Happy Halloween!