• Logan Lee

New Netflix Trailer - Colin In Black and White

Netflix released their first trailer for Colin In Black and White, a new scripted 6-part series looking at the early life of Colin Kaepernick.

Colin in Black and White - Netflix
Image: Netflix

In a recent interview, co-creators Kapernick and Ana DuVernay discuss what they hope viewers will take away from the series:

Kaepernick: This was an opportunity to open a window into experiences inspired by my high school years. I want Black and Brown kids and their communities to find guidance in how we can combat racism and oppressive systems. I hope someone can see that they too can come out on the other side and be able to say, “I faced those struggles. I've worked through them, and I was able to be successful and come out the other end, keeping my dignity and my identity intact.”
DuVernay: I hope people feel compelled to examine their own origin story. How did I get here? What things happened - small and large, remembered and forgotten - that led me to this place now? This series is about deciding for yourself what your life and legacy will be. It's about self-determination, self-propulsion, not waiting for permission, not waiting for everyone to agree, tapping into the voice inside of you and letting that spur you forward. And it’s about knowing that within your individual story, you are also a part of something larger. My highest hope is that some viewers will walk away with some of these thoughts and questions.

The limited series stars Kaepernick, Jaden Michael, Mary-Louise Parker, Nick Offerman, Amarr Wooten, Mace Coronel, and Klarke Pipkin and will premiere on October 29th .