• Veronika Jel

Queer Eye: Top 10 Most Heartwarming Episodes to Rewatch Before Season 6

It has been almost 19 months since Season 5 came to Netflix. But now, after this excruciatingly long wait, it’s finally here. Queer Eye is back with its sixth season, and I’m ready to cry my eyes out all over again.

Image: Netflix

To celebrate the release of everyone’s favorite makeover show, we’ve put together a top 10 list of the most heartwarming Queer Eye episodes we’ve had so far.

10. Jones Bar-B-Q (s03e03)

Image: Netflix

In this episode, the Fab Five spend time with the owners of Jones Barb-B-Q, Deborah and Mary. There are so many memorable moments in this one. Remember that BBQ sauce Antoni and Karamo helped develop? I need it.

The reason this episode gets on this list, though, is because of Deborah’s unforgettable trip to the dentist. You could see her confidence grow back right in front of you. The memory of that still warms my heart.

9. A Tale of Two Cultures (s04e06)

Image: Netflix

Deanna, a second-generation Mexican-American, feels stuck between the two cultures. With the help of the Fab Five, she embraces herself, gains more confidence, and learns how to stand up for her community.

Highlights include Bobby’s incredible design work and Antoni being fed even after saying he wasn’t hungry.

8. Sky’s the Limit (s02e05)

Image: Netflix

Is this episode perfect? No. But it probably opened many viewers’ eyes and introduced them to the trans community. And that counts.

Skyler is delightful – a true friend to his community. His positivity is simply infectious. Plus, the moment at the end of the episode when Todrick Hall comes knocking on Skyler’s door… talk about heartwarming!

7. Preaching Out Loud (s05e01)

Image: Netflix

These religious episodes just hit different. Don’t ask me why. Speaking as an agnostic, I genuinely don’t know. They just do.

Noah is a gay pastor who is out to his community but isn’t necessarily feeling the proudest at the moment. The Fab Five come to give him the much-needed confidence boost so that he can finally start celebrating his identity.

It’s Noah’s community that does it for me in this episode. They just want him to love himself as much as they love him.

6. Saving Sasquatch (s01e02)

Image: Netflix

I have a soft spot for this episode. The way Neal is so visibly uncomfortable with both physical touch and emotional connection is so raw and painful. But you see him transform so much just within this one episode. He opens up. He hugs the guys at the end.

I don’t know. There is just something so incredibly real about this one. I can’t get over it.

5. Disabled but Not Really (s04e02)

Image: Netflix

Talk about big episodes. Not only do we learn so much about the practicalities of living in a wheelchair, but we also get an insanely intense moment when Karamo reunites Wesley with the man who shot him. Yes, you read that right! Obviously, this episode is going to be on this list.

4. Paging Dr. Yi (s05e09)

Image: Netflix

Many of the episodes on this list are major tearjerkers or intense stories. But this Season 5 episode is just… feel-good. In the best possible way. Lilly is adorable. So are her daughter and her husband. Seeing this modern family work out some of the hiccups they’ve faced along the way is touching.

3. God Bless Gay (s02e01)

Image: Netflix

This is likely the most iconic episode of the show. It’s the first time the Fab Five visit a woman. And what a woman Mama Tammye is!

Plus, you know. It all takes place in a town called Gay. Tammye makes everyone cry. We deal with Bobby’s trauma around religion. Everyone is sobbing by the end, including the viewers.

2. Black Girl Magic (s03e05)

Image: Netflix

Jess’s story is a powerful one. She’s a 23-year-old Black lesbian who has been kicked out of her adoptive parents’ house after coming out. Throughout this episode, she learns to embrace her identity. She learns that it’s okay to ask for help. She reconnects with her biological sister. And she gets one of the most fabulous makeovers ever.

1. You Can’t Fix Ugly (s01e01)

Image: Netflix

The one that started it all. The one that hooked us all in.

While there might’ve been more “important” or impactful episodes throughout the series, nothing will ever top the beautiful simplicity of this one. Tom is precious, with his redneck margaritas and genuine excitement to get to know the Fab Five. I’ve seen this episode countless times, and it still holds a special place in my heart.