• Hasib Afzal

REVIEW: ‘My Name’ - The Korean-Crime Thriller Taking Netflix By Storm

My Name - Netflix
My Name - Image: Netflix

Korean TV series ‘My Name’ has undoubtedly been making some noise. On the surface, it appears as a recycled Korean drama, but beneath that veneer of repetition is a story full of tantalizing suspense and drama.

The premise is as follows: Ji-Woo (Han So-Hee) is a young woman whose life has turned upside down. Aged just 17, her father has been murdered at the hands of an unknown assassin. However, her dad didn't exactly have his hands clean and we learn his life as a drug dealer ultimately cost him everything. Ji-Woo discovers there is still some unfinished business and turns to a close associate of her father, Choi Mu-Jin (Park Hee-Soon).

Choi Mu-Jin is the head of the ‘Dongcheon,’ Korea’s largest drug cartel, and he advises Ji-Woo to enter the police force in order to track down her father’s killer. In doing so, the duo discovers numerous hidden truths, but the question arises: will they be able to live with the answers they find?

Star-Studded Cast

A star-studded cast certainly goes a long way in convincing people to watch a show, and this one does not disappoint. Han So-Hee, one of Korea’s most famous actors known for her role in the hit drama ‘The World of the Married’, plays the lead character Ji-Woo.

The other steller names include crime boss Choi Mu-Jin (Park Hee-Soon who won the best actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards), police detective Jeon Pil-Do (Ahn Bo-Hyun winner of the best new actor at the MBC drama awards), and leader of the narcotics police division Cha Gi-Ho (Kim Sang-Ho winner of the best supporting actor at the KBS Drama awards) who is hell-bent on taking down the Dongcheon— a line up that is worthy of headlining such a show.

Amazing Action...with A Heart

Aside from having all the kick-ass action that we can expect, ‘My Name’ has an undertone of great depth and character. The plot is accompanied by a strong emotional arc as Ji-Woo struggles to cope with life. The audience comes to terms with her life before and after her father’s demise, which makes her more relatable to the public. And as can be expected, there are several teary scenes that contribute to that affinity.

And yet, at the same time, we are reminded that Ji-Woo is an outsider. Following her father’s death, she joins the ‘Dongcheon’ to find out more about his death. Although she is under the wing of her father’s friend, Choi Moo-jin, Ji-Woo is a lonely female figure in a male-dominated environment. The constant slurs and condescending treatment are part and parcel of her life simply for being a woman. But through it all, Ji-Woo will not stop until she uncovers the truth.

Our Take

Much like Netflix’s other Korean masterpiece ‘Squid Game,’ this series is full of hard-hitting, bloodthirsty scenes. Oh, and let's not forget all the awesome knife skills. The series is a must-watch.

Following the premiere of the first three episodes, ‘My Name’ was lauded for its fresh take on crime dramas. So much so that these three episodes were first aired at the Busan International Film Festival, Korea, to much praise and acclaim.

So there you have it. What are you waiting for. Make sure you check out ‘My Name’ on Netflix. And as always, let us know what you think in the comments section below.