• Veronika Jel

REVIEW: ‘The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star’ Is Cornier Than Ever

Fans of the Princess Switch, rejoice! The third installment of the Vanessa Hudgens Christmas movie series is finally here. And this time, it's cornier than ever.

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Image: Netflix

All the Vanessas

If this series is known for one thing, it's that all the main characters are played by Vanessa Hudgens. No, really. There have been three of them so far. We have Stacy (the American Vanessa), Queen Margaret (the British accent Vanessa), and the second-movie addition, Fiona (the blonde Vanessa). This time, they're all involved in a cute Christmas heist, trying to retrieve a very important Christmas tree topper. And you can bet that they will have to switch places to save the day again!

this one is so boldly silly that you just can't help but be entertained.

The Fiona Show

In the first movie, Stacy felt like the main character. In the second one, it was Margaret's turn to shine. It's only natural that the third movie gives Fiona a bit more to do.

Fiona - Princess Switch 3 - Image: Netflix

If you were to tell me that this movie was going all about Fiona beforehand, I would be significantly less excited about it. After all, she was very much an underutilized and unnecessary addition to the second installment. She somehow managed to be too corny for a Christmas movie about princesses and doppelgangers.

Luckily, this time they knew what to do with her. She was still extremely over the top, but she was also finally given some context and backstory. What was borderline cringe last time felt meaningful this time around. You ended up rooting for her, even as she said things like "Ooh, spicy!" and "Hello, royal six-pack!"

The Best Love Interest of Them All

We've met both Kevin (Nick Sagar) and Prince Edward (Sam Palladio) in the first Princess Switch. And they were both likable as love interests, even if they were a little bit underdeveloped.

Vanessa Hudgens has by far the most chemistry with Peter's actor, Remy Hii.

Fiona didn't get a love interest in the second movie. But since this series is predominantly a romcom, we all knew it was coming. If we're getting a whole Fiona movie, we need to get her someone to share a romantic kiss with by the end of it.

Enter Peter Maxwell (Remy Hii), Fiona's childhood friend and ex-lover.

Peter is possibly the greatest love interest of them all. You get a sense of who this guy is almost immediately, and by including some sweet flashbacks, you also understand how and why he matters to Fiona. Their love story is more nuanced and complicated than anything we've seen before. And it certainly doesn't hurt that out of all three, Vanessa Hudgens has by far the most chemistry with Peter's actor, Remy Hii.

There's Nothing Wrong With Silly

This movie is probably the weirdest of them all. I mean, how is this suddenly about criminal connections, spy technology, and heists? Even so, it might be my favorite of the franchise. Sure, the first one is a classic. But this one is so boldly silly that you just can't help but be entertained.

It opens more doors than ever, too.

If we ever get another Princess Switch movie, the question won't just be how many Vanessa characters we'll get this time. It will also be about the genre. 'Romancing the Star' proved that we could truly go anywhere with this. So, what's next? How about a bit of sci-fi with a dash of time travel? I would kill to see an alien Vanessa Hudgens.

Rating: 4/5