• Veronika Jel

The Great British Baking Show: 10 Best Bakes of All Time

Puddings, pies, cakes, tortes, and more. Here are the Top 10 greatest from The Great British Baking Show.

The Great British Baking Show - Image: Channel 4

Season 12 of The Great British Baking Show is underway. So far, we've had some incredible bakes. But how do Jürgen's mini rolls and Giuseppe's focaccia compare to some of the best baking creations in the show's history?

Let's take a trip down memory lane and look at the best of the best.

10. Nancy's Summer Pudding Alaska

Baked Alaska - Image: BBC

This pudding might look simple, but it's actually far from it. The winner of season 5, Nancy Birtwhistle, impressed the judges with her Summer Alaska with a strawberry surprise.

She managed to pull off an elegant dessert that didn't immediately melt – and that's impressive, considering how hot it gets in the tent. And the fact there's ice cream in it, too.

9. Andrew's Da Vinci Inspired Geared Pies

Tudor Pies - Image: BBC

I might be a bit biased when it comes to this season – it was the first one I've seen. One of the contestants, Andrew, absolutely won me over when he delivered this beauty during Tudor Week.

These pies not only tasted delicious, but the design was also incredible. A clockwork set-up that turns? Sign me up.

8. Nadiya's Fizzy Pop Cheesecakes

Fizzy Pop - Image: BBC

Nadiya was Britain's favorite contestant of season 6, and for a good reason. Her facial expressions were everything. So were her cakes.

The one that stands out the most is the fizzy pop cheesecake. What at first sounded like a disaster waiting to happen (I mean, a lemonade cheesecake?!) turned out to be a triumph. I still think about that levitating soda can every single day.

7. Chetna's Almond Liqueur Dobos Torte with Chocolate Caramel Buttercream

Chetna's Torte - Image: BBC

We were all skeptical. Even Mary Berry thought this wouldn't work. But Chetna delivered, and now the world has been blessed with this beauty. This is by far the most expensive-looking cake I have ever seen.

6. Luis' Dragon Biscuit Sculpture

George Versus The Dragon - Image: BBC

Biscuit sculptures stress all of us baking fans out. They are extremely tricky. But not for Luis. This Dragon sculpture is simply exquisite. I still don't understand how it all stays together so perfectly.

5. Beca's Spiced Butternut Squash & Pecan Cheese Cake

"Cheese" Cake - Image: BBC

This season 4 creation is just so much fun. Who doesn't like a cake pun, am I right?

Beca shined with this "cheese" cake creation. Even Mary Berry thought it was cute.

4. Kim-Joy's Lavender and Lemon Curd Fox Cake

Fox Cake - Image: Buzzfeed

Not everyone can pull off a lavender cake. Really, most of the time, lavender is the last choice you should make when competing on the show.

But Kim-Joy knew what she was doing when she presented this beauty. It was a success, both flavor-wise and visually.

3. Candice's Gingerbread Pub

Gingerbread Pub - Image: BBC

The 2016 winner's most memorable moment was probably during biscuit week. For her showstopper, Candice made this intricate pub that her parents ran when she was a child.

The outside was magnificent, as was the inside. From the carpet to the pool table, it's no wonder she won star baker that week.

2. Steven's BLT Cake

BLT Illusion - Image: Screenrant

We all love a nice BLT, and we all love cake. Why not have both at the same time?

This illusion cake was one of the most impressive creations the tent has ever seen. Well done, Steven!

1. Paul's King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle - Image: BBC

Bread Week is my favorite week, and this is why. Sure, a stunning cake is terrific. But a gorgeous bread creation? That's the next level.

The King of the Jungle showstopper has never been topped. And while I have hope for this new season, I doubt anything will ever be as good as this.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!