• Logan Lee

Top 10 Best Shots from 'The Harder They Fall'

The Harder They Fall - Image: Netflix
Nat Love & Crew in Redwood City

Director Jeymes Samuel and cinematographer Mihai Malaimare created a stunning Western with stylish visuals and incredible artistry throughout. There are dozens of gorgeous cinematic shots in a film that feels destined to become a modern-day Western classic, but if we had to choose, here are ten of our favorites.

Images: Netflix

Trudy on the Tracks

Regina King as Trudy Smith has an amazing screen presence in each scene, but perhaps none more dramatic than this shot.

Eyes of Idris

There are numerous great close-ups in the film, and it never hurts to have one of Hollywood's best leading men in frame, but this close-up after the cash explodes showing the flames reflecting in Idris Elba's intense stare is an epic shot.

Zoom From Rufus to Nat

This shot was the cinematographer's personal favorite, and it's hard to argue! A few stills don't quite do it justice but if you've seen the movie you no doubt remember this shot that zooms in from behind Rufus, through the window, and all the way to Nat Love.

Dueling Shadows

Nothing says the Old West like a couple of gunslingers lining up for a duel, and this perspective is a really cool and memorable shot.

Final Vista

The film was shot in New Mexico and the natural landscape provided some beautiful, classically cinematic Western backdrops, including the movie's spectacular closing image.

Stagecoach Mary's Saloon

The lighting of the Old West towns at night makes for some eye-catching shots like this one.

The Rufus Black Gang

Just a gorgeously framed shot of nine riders on horseback, the train riding off into the setting sun, and the sloping, distant mountains.

Welcome to Maysville (It's White)

The opening shot of the town of Maysville is both great visual storytelling and a beautiful shot. In case you didn't get the not-so-subtle art direction of this visual, the title card reminds you that Maysville is indeed a 'white town.'

If Looks Could Kill

LaKeith Stanfield had some deathly-cold stares in his brilliant performance as Cherokee Bill, and the framing in this particular sequence was one of my favorites in the film.

For Chadwick

The last shot on our list is a heartbreaking and beautiful tribute to the brilliant Chadwick Boseman who passed away last year. A great tribute from a talented director in one of the best films of the year.

That's it! That's our Top 10 best cinematic shots from 'The Harder They Fall.' Did we miss any of yours? Let us know in the comments!