• Wardah Khan

Why Big Mouth Is The Most Relatable Teen Show Ever

For the longest time teen shows have been about everything except the actual problems that teenagers face. In the past teens on TV were either all gorgeous and popular, chasing vampires, or living in some sort of alternate universe removed from the reality of teenage years. Thankfully in today's teen representation things are different as shows like Never Have I Ever, Sex Education, and Big Mouth depict a more honest look at teen life.

Out of all these new teen hits, Big Mouth takes the cake for being the most relatable teen show ever mostly because it doesn't forget any gender or consider any topic taboo. It directly addresses everything that goes on in the minds and bodies of teenagers without any sugarcoating.

Big Mouth- Image: Netflix

Irrational Moods And Tantrums

While the mood associated with puberty is mostly sexual awakening there's another feeling which is pretty hard to get rid of, it's aggression. It is the kind of overwhelming frustration that can start a revolution if channeled correctly otherwise it’s usually self-sabotaging.

Teenage angst is a real problem that many parents overlook. Even in movies, they are just shown when a young person is in the grunge phase. Luckily the animated series didn’t forget about it and depicted this pubescent anger on multiple occasions.

Big Mouth takes the cake for being the most relatable teen show ever mostly because it doesn't forget any gender or consider any topic taboo

Hormone Monster “Maurice” And “Connie”

How many times have we wished for our hormones to not make us react too dramatically. Now imagine if we could actually talk to them. In any movie or show, the phrase hormonal teenagers were never depicted as accurately as they are on Big Mouth.

The Netflix series turned hormones into actual creatures who are always there to share their input even when it isn’t required (or helpful...or wanted)! Just like actual hormones these monsters only like to amplify the drama. Maurice and Connie may be too crude for some but for the fans, they are the best part of the show.

Best Solution For Body Image Issues

Many shows have tried to tackle the task of eradicating body image issues without fully understanding the problem. Most of the time the target audience of their message has been adult women who can rationally think about it.

But this ignores the fact that pre-teens or teens are some of the biggest victims of "the perfect figure" expectation and yet they are hardly ever addressed. In Big Mouth when Missy is unable to see beauty in herself, her mother takes matters into her hands. Instead of giving her a long lecture filled with cliches, she takes her to a Korean spa where she shows her how every woman is beautiful because there isn’t only one fixed definition of beauty.

No More Stigmas

The main concept behind the show is to remove the stigmas around things that every human experiences. Teenage life and whatever it brings is a normal part of the transition between youth and adulthood. From new feelings taking over to changing body parts, everything is discussed in the show in an unabashed tone. A lot of the issues you’ll see in Big Mouth have hardly been ever featured in any other teen show and it’s really refreshing to watch. This makes Big Mouth not just hilarious, but the most relatable teen show ever.